FAC-200 A/C Component Flusher
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“Pulsator” FAC-200

Air Conditioning Component Flusher


The Air Operated, Durable, Portable, Economical and Effective


The proven technology & powerful kinetic energy produced by the Patented “Pulse” (US Pat. #5615695) combined with the high solvent flow rate, will remove the oils and debris from the parallel paths of even the most complex components; where the spray can, 1qt flush gun, and the laminar flow of simple circulating systems cannot.


  • “Pulsating” scrubbing action. Frequency is 5 to 6 “pulses” per second.
  • Scrubs into the corners and crevices to loosen & remove residues and stubborn debris.
  • Activated carbon vent filter to further reduce VOC emissions and solvent fumes.
  • Features cleanable T-Strainer in return line to capture and inspect debris removal.
  • High quality heavy duty welded and powder coated assembly. 2-gallon solvent capacity.
  • Perfect for small shops, heavy equipment, mobile service trucks, exporting, and more.
  • Ergonomically designed for easy carry and waste solvent pour out and disposal.
  • Full volume, hands-free, solvent air drying process (purge).
  • Dim: 21H x 21W x 9D (inches). UPS shipping weight is 44 lbs.
  • FAD-100 Adapter Kit is INCLUDED!