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Air operating pulsing

  • Multi-use, single shot, heat exchanger flusher for A/C components, coils, line sets, oil coolers and more
  • Uses SAFE-FLUSH® A/C Solvent (P/N 37619)
  • Simple, economical design

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    High flow rate combined with the strong kinetic energy of the patented pulse process will scrub and remove the oils and debris from the parallel paths and micro channels of the most complex components where other methods cannot.

    • Perfect for mobile service vans
    • One gallon solvent capacity
    • Flusher fits in bucket

    The 37628 Includes:

    • Flush gun
    • Two rubber tips
    • Step size return adapter
    • Return hose
    • Recovery bucket


  • UPCs
    UPC # Description
    37613 PULSATOR® Solvent Recycling A/C Component Flusher
    37618 Universal A/C Adapter kit
    37619 SAFE-FLUSH® A/C
    37628 PULSATOR® Flush Gun
    37629 Engine Cooling PULSATOR®