Universal A/C Adapter Kit
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  • Perfect for flushing, pressure and vacuum testing A/C components
  • Fits most foreign and domestic hose ends, component tube studs and manifolds

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    One out of every four vehicles on the road today has a neglected, contaminated, and dirty cooling system. Traditional fluid exchange “flushing” and other methods are not removing these restrictive buildups and damag- ing contaminants. Stop changing parts and chasing symptoms; fix the problem, earn profits, and please your customers by cleaning, clearing, and restoring the entire engine cooling system (radiator, heater core, engine block, heads, and intake). Also proves to be an excellent tool for external air path cleaning of radiators, condensers, and coils; and will not damage the fins.

  • UPCs
    UPC # Description
    37613 PULSATOR® Solvent Recycling A/C Component Flusher
    37618 Universal A/C Adapter kit
    37619 SAFE-FLUSH® A/C
    37628 PULSATOR® Flush Gun
    37629 Engine Cooling PULSATOR®