YELLOW JACKET® Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence

2009- a year of new products, services and innovations

March 17, 2009 Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc. is proud to announce that 2009 marks its 60th year of delivering best-in-class products and service to HVAC&R professionals.

Founded in 1946 by Jack Ritchie, Ritchie Engineering was first a manufacturers’ representative organization. In 1949, the company manufactured its first charging hose, trademarked soon thereafter as the YELLOW JACKET® Charging Hose. Today, the YELLOW JACKET line of products is the most comprehensive in the HVAC&R industry. With a commitment and focus to quality and service, the company has grown its engineering and manufacturing portfolio from hoses to include gauges, manifolds, vacuum pumps, recovery units, electronic instruments and a variety of essential system tools.

“The relentless commitment of our people over the last 60 years has led to best-in-class products, first-class customer service and innovations that make the contractor’s job easier, worldwide,” said Tom Ritchie, President. “In the last six decades, the YELLOW JACKET brand has not only become the industry, it’s become legendary.”

Ritchie Engineering is kicking off its 60th year with an extensive advertising and marketing campaign highlighting the company’s history of innovation, perseverance and commitment to excellence. The campaign is topped off with a special 60th year logo mark, which includes nostalgic elements such as a yellow jacket (the nostalgic product logo) balanced on the end of a yellow hose (the product that got it all started).

About Ritchie Engineering:
The YELLOW JACKET name is synonymous with the highest quality and most complete line of HVAC&R tools in the industry. YELLOW JACKET products are sold worldwide through a network of authorized HVAC&R and automotive wholesalers. In 2009, YELLOW JACKET celebrated 60 years of best-in-class products and services.

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