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    Refrigerant System Analyzer Updates

    Current Version: 1.11

    You talk, we listen. YELLOW JACKET frequently makes user-friendly updates to the Refrigeration System Analyzer software. Want more details on the updates? You got it.

    Version 1.11 – Introduced 02/13/14

    • Power-off is now done via a software menu option

    Version 1.10 – Introduced 01/13/12

    • Improved display control for 30% longer battery life
    • HOLD mode now has snapshot recording option
    • Improved low battery management

    Version 1.09 – Introduced 01/25/11

    • Ritchie internal changes only

    Version 1.08 – Introduced 06/24/10

    • Add values below −100°F
    • Improve HOLD mode

    Version 1.07 – Introduced 04/05/10

    • Correct Version 1.06 Time & Date Setting

    Version 1.06 – Introduced 02/26/10

    • Update software via USB port
    • New method for selecting Units and Refrigerant
    • Add Refrigerant Favorites Feature

    Version 1.05 – Introduced 09/10/09

    • Improve data log recording and playback

    Version 1.04 – Introduced 07/14/09

    • First version shipped


    Download software version 1.11

    Remember, if you have version 1.04 or 1.05, you’ll need to contact Customer Service for update instructions. If you have additional questions regarding the software updates, please contact YELLOW JACKET Customer Service at (800) 769-8370 or custserv@yellowjacket.com.

  • FAQs

    1. Why is the analyzer so large?
    We felt it was important to have large, well-spaced buttons on our keypad. We also felt it was important to have all external sensor connections along one side of the instrument. These two items, along with the port spacing of the Titan 4-valve manifold, dictated the size of the instrument. We also added some features on the circuit board that will allow for future modular expansion.

    2. Why is the display in full color?
    We chose a full color graphic display to provide bright, high contrast, meaningful displays. This display, along with plenty of program memory on the circuit board, makes it upgradeable with a simple software update. The sky’s the limit!

    3. What type of transducer is in the analyzer?
    Contrary to speculation, the Refrigeration System Analyzer does not use the same pressure sensors as used in our solar/light-powered gauges. It uses a pair of sealed, linear, high accuracy pressure transducers.

    4. What is the battery life?
    Our specification mentions “approximately 14 hours of continuous use with industrial alkaline batteries.” This is based on the instrument running constantly without the “power saving mode” or “auto power off” features activated. Also, the Refrigeration System Analyzer allows for the use of four different types of rechargeable batteries, which can help save on battery costs.