YELLOW JACKET® Announces New Refrigeration System Analyzer

Features Unmatched by Any Other Analyzer on the Market Today

July 13, 2009 Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., the leader in service tools for HVAC&R professionals and manufacturer of YELLOW JACKET®, announces the launch of the newly designed refrigeration system analyzer.

The refrigeration system analyzer features a digital, full-color TFT display with adjustable brightness and contrast protected by an anti-glare, scratch-resistant lens.

No other analyzer on the market today offers so many features in one unit, including:

  • The display reads in analog, digital or a combination of both
  • Monitors two pressures, two live temperatures, subcooling and superheat, and saturation temperatures (liquid and vapor) for 84 refrigerants
  • Data logging for on-screen review or export
  • Built-in pressure/temperature chart reference screen for all refrigerants
  • Built-in full scale vacuum sensor reads deep vacuum down to 10 microns
  • Dual K-Type temperature-compensated sensor ports allow for simultaneous suction and liquid readings
  • Provides real-time pressure data in selectable time increments: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 and 2 seconds
  • High accuracy and resolution pressure transducers for fast and sensitive leak detection

“We believe in engineering products that stand the test of time. Our refrigeration system analyzer is packed with the quality and innovation synonymous with YELLOW JACKET,” said Brian Flynn, executive vice president of Ritchie Engineering.

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The refrigeration system analyzer will begin shipping in late July, 2009.

About Ritchie Engineering:
The YELLOW JACKET name is synonymous with the highest quality and most complete line of HVAC&R tools in the industry. YELLOW JACKET products are sold worldwide through a network of authorized HVAC&R and automotive wholesalers. In 2009, YELLOW JACKET celebrated 60 years of best-in-class products and services.

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