New Product: YELLOW JACKET® SuperHeat/SubCool Calculator with Thermometer and P/T Chart

SuperHeat/SubCool measurements simplified, especially when converting systems to use some of the newer refrigerants Pre-programmed with 24 popular refrigerants: R-22 R-32 R-134a R-290 R-404A R-407A R-407C R-407F R-408A R-409A R-410A R-414B R-417AR-421A R-422A R-422B R-422C R-422D R-427A R-434A R-437A R-438A R-441A R-507A Faster, more accurate pipe temperature measurements Clamp-on K-Type thermocouple for accurate temperature measurement Displays bubble, saturated and dew point temperatures Easy-to-use with the touch of a button Hold function keeps data on the LCD even when thermocouple is disconnected Package includes instrument, clamp temperature probe with 3’ cord, battery and instruction manual