Updated Product: YELLOW JACKET® Refrigeration System Analyzer

Bead probes replaced with upgraded clamp probes with no change in cost Clamp probes are more convenient, requiring less time to attach to a pipe. A bead requires tight contact with the pipe, which is usually achieved by wrapping with tape. With the clamp, you just squeeze and attach. Though easier to work with, the wrong clamp probe can cause temperature inaccuracy if it has too much mass, is not making good contact with the pipe, or if it is affected by ambient temperature. The clamps now included with the system analyzer have been specially designed for fast response time and low ambient temperature effect. 69217 Specifications: Thermocouple: K-Type Clamp Color : Black Wire Length: Extends 10 ft Pipe Clamp Range: ¼” to 1-3/8” Connector Type: Blade style, miniature Response Time: Less than 3 sec (time to reach 66.7% of a step change) Ambient Effect (still air): Less than 5% Max Clamp Temperature: 248°F (120°C)

Product Update Bulletin 13 – Clamp Ugrade to RSA Kit

RSA Spec Sheet