YJACK™ Wireless Probes Win Silver Award

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Silver Award in the Electronic Tools Category

Winning silver is Ritchie Engineering Company/YELLOW JACKET® for its YJACK™ Series temperature and humidity wireless sensors with YJACK VIEW™ app. The YJACK™ Series is a network of devices that form a new platform, which offers a total HVACR diagnostics solution.

The 67071 YJACK™ Temperature/Humidity Kit includes two wireless YJACK™ Temperature Clamps, two YJACK DEW™ Psychrometer probes and a YJACK PATH™ Range Extender. The wireless temperature clamps allow the user to measure system temperatures without tangled wires, sending them to a YELLOW JACKET® P51-870 TITAN® or smart device. Each device utilizes low-energy Bluetooth® (BLE) technology to interconnect with each other and any Android™ or Apple smart device. The YJACK VIEW™ app provides easy-to-use access to all information measured by the YJACK™ Series of devices.

The wireless YJACK DEW™ Psychrometer probes can measure temperature, humidity, wet bulb and dew point at the air duct supply and return. Long measurement distance is not a problem, as the YJACK PATH™ Range Extender can double the 400-foot range of any YJACK™ probe to 800 feet; or the user can add up to five more YJACK PATH™ range extenders to a maximum of 2,400-foot range.

“Continued innovation in the digital, wireless measurement segment allows the service technician to be more productive and spend less time recording system information,” said Gary Lampasona, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ritchie Engineering. “By driving all measured information to a central repository in the YJACK VIEW™ app, they only need to go to one place for all information.”

Published with permission of The NEWS (as published in The News 2020 7-27)