HVAC/R trade professionals who understand the value of quality tools look for the blue and yellow that mean YELLOW JACKET®. They know those colors mean a brand promise of reliable performance and top shelf service. When industry professionals visit you for solutions ranging from evacuation to recovery, they can easily see the colors they know for the quality they want.

To guide your customers in the right direction and add more to your bottom line, order your merchandising components below.

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  • Hose Rack (for up to 27 1/4" and 3/8" hoses)
  • Window Decal "Environmentally Friendly" (6" diameter)
  • HVAC/R Vinyl Banner (60"w x 20"h with rope and grommets)
  • Slat Wall Display Kit (4 overlays 24"w x 32"h each)
  • Pegboard Display Kit (4 overlays 24"w x 32"h each)
  • Header Sign (24"w x 10"h with mounting tape on back)
  • ManTooth® Poster (24”w x 36”h)
  • Magnetic Sign Holder (order two per header signs to put on top of shelving walls)
  • Reorder Cards (package of 50)
  • Catalogs
  • PART #
  • Automotive Catalog
  • PART #
  • ManTooth® Family Buying Guide
  • P5I TITAN® Digital Manifold Product Spec Sheet
  • Alloy Ratchet Tube Bender Product Spec Sheet
  • Electronic Scales Product Spec Sheet
  • Deluxe Mini-Split Tool Kit / Mini-Split Tool Kit Product Spec Sheet
  • TITAN® Test & Charging Manifold with R-1234yf Gauges
  • A/C System Component Flushing and Recycling Equipment
  • Lightweight Flaring Tool 60430/60431 and Electric Flaring Tool 60241/60242 Product Spec Sheet
  • ManTooth® Vacuum Gauge Product Spec Sheet
  • Recover XLT2-AP Product Spec Sheet
  • OMNI™ Vacuum Gauge Product Spec Sheet
  • C02 Manifold Product Spec Sheet
  • Torque Wrench and Solenoid Valve Product Spec Sheet
  • Best Practices for Vacuum Pumps Product Spec Sheet
  • YJII® Vacuum Pump Product Spec Sheet (Domestic)
  • YJACK™ Series Wireless Probes Product Spec Sheet
  • Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scale Product Spec Sheet
  • AccuProbe™ Product Spec Sheet
  • MaxFlow™ Evacuation Kit Product Spec Sheet
  • BULLET®X Vacuum Pump Product Spec Sheet
  • Hydrocarbon Charging Kit Product Spec Sheet
  • Heat Pump Kit Product Spec Sheet
  • SuperEvac® PLUS II Product Spec Sheet
  • RealTorque™ Core Removal Tools Product Spec Sheet
  • BULLET®DC Product Spec Sheet
  • Tools N Schools Program-Wholesalers
  • Tools N Schools-Instructors and Students
  • Tools N Schools Participating Decal
  • PART #
  • PART #
  • ManTooth Wireless Products Family Guide
  • "WE DO A/C" Banner (59 3/4"w x 19 3/4"h)
  • Refrigerant Management System Product Spec Sheet for 37880
  • TITAN® R-1234yF Manifolds Product Spec Sheet
  • A/C Flushing & Recycling Products Spec Sheet
  • Refrigeration Management System Product Spec Sheet for R-134a and R-1234yf
  • ManTooth® Automotive Product Spec Sheet
  • Recovery X-CAR Contaminated Recovery Machine Product Spec Sheet
  • Refrigerant Analyzer 68961 Product Spec Sheet
  • YJ Automotive Product Sell Sheet
  • USB
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  • HVAC/R Training Videos
  • HVAC/R Spanish Training Videos
  • Automotive Training Videos
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