Dual Port Manometer
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The new dual port manometer has all of the capabilities of the old 78050 (Single Input Manometer – discontinued) in addition to the following:

  • capability to measure pressure drop directly across two points such as filter pressure drop or flow volumes, and;
  • positive and negative pressures can be read directly if measured on the appropriate input.

The 78052 is a portable, rugged dual port manometer designed especially for HVACR field service technicians. Its range and resolution allow measurement of every day HVAC applications.

    • Measures gas pressure, static pressure and pressure differential
      • Measure gas pressure on the inlet and outlets with the standard 1/8 NPT fittings or directly with the adapter for WR gas valves
      • Take static pressure measurements using the resolution mode of 0.01inWC
      • Read pressure differential measurements across a blower directly
    • Includes a easy to use zero function
    • Auto Power-Off (APO) conserves battery life
    • Measures pressure between -19.95 and 19.95inWC (inches of water column)
    • Individual P1 or P2 measurements can be made by disconnecting the other port thus referencing the measured pressure to atmospheric pressure


    Kit includes 30′′ tubing, clear hose, tube splice and 1/8” NPT brass fitting.

    • Display unit: Inches of water
    • Accuracy: +/- 1.5% FS (+/- 0.3 inches of water)
    • 0.05′′ water column resolution
    • Large LCD display
    • Automatic shut off
    • Single button operation
    • 9V Battery required
    • Made in USA
  • UPCs
    UPC Description
    78052 Dual Port Electronic Manometer
    69089 Battery Door
    78053 Brass fitting 1/8” MP x 1/8” Barb
    78054 Tube Splice (Pressure Tap Boss Adapter)
    78072 4mm ID x 30 tubing