Using the YELLOWJACKET® TITANMAX™ Digital Manifold with the YELLOWJACKET® YJACK® Temperature Clamps

The YELLOW JACKET® YJACK® Series provides a total HVAC/R diagnostic solution. The YJACK® Temperature Clamp Kit includes two YJACK® Temperature Clamps and one YJACK PATH®. The YJACK® TEMPERATURE CLAMP provides wireless Bluetooth® measurements for surface temperature of pipes up to 1.25” diameter and has a flexible cable connection for easy access in small and difficult-to-reach areas. The YJACK PATH® RANGE EXTENDER connects and re-broadcasts up to six YJACK® devices and up to two P51-870 TITAN® devices at one time using a Bluetooth® signal, while providing amplified signal strength through difficult-to-penetrate barriers. This video details how to use this device with the YELLOWJACKET® TITANMAX™ Digital Manifold.