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  • Lincoln Technical Institute, Training Students on YELLOW JACKET Tools

    For prospective HVAC/R students, selecting a school is no easy task. From classroom size to the school’s facilities, there are many factors to consider before a decision can be made. But, for those wanting to go into the HVAC/R industry, that choice is a little easier when they see the YELLOW JACKET Lab at Lincoln […]

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  • New Lightweight Swage/Flare Kit is All About Easy

    The Lightweight Swage/Flare Kit from YELLOW JACKET was designed with a simple mission in mind: to make it easy for you to save time on the job. Combining swage and flare tools isn’t anything new; in fact, the YELLOW JACKET Complete Swage and Flare kit has been on the line for a number of years. […]

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  • Going Digital: The HVAC/R Industry is Changing

    In recent years, the HVAC/R industry has seen a surge in dynamic technology. This push toward “smart” technology has caused a shift in the way manufacturers and technicians operate…a shift for the better. Today’s technicians have tools that are more precise and efficient than ever before. Devices such as the YELLOW JACKET ManTooth are light, […]

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  • Three Trends To Watch In The HVAC/R Industry

    As the HVAC/R industry reacts to changes in environmental regulations and digital advancements, experts throughout the industry are weighing in on where the industry is heading. At YELLOW JACKET, we’re always innovating so we can offer our customers the latest, cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of our changing industry. That said, we invited two […]

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