Updated Product: Replacement Sensor and Cable Upgrade

Sensor and cable now a factory assembled part to resolve the two pieces not connecting well in some cases All 69086 Handheld Vacuum Gauges built since the middle of 2011 have included a detachable cord. The replacement part for this assembly is 69101 This includes both the cable and the sensor All 69086 hand-held vacuum gauges shipped prior to the middle of 2011 included a non-detachable cord and a separate sensor. The 69087 is the replacement sensor for these units The 69088 is the replacement cord for these units The one piece cable/sensor assembly (69101) is now used on the Refrigeration System Analyzers 4081x as well. The RSA has always been built with a detachable cord and a detachable sensor. Replacement parts include the 40819 cord and the 69087 sensor. However, because the one-piece 69101 offers higher accuracy and more stable readings, we recommend that you always replace one or the other with the 69101.

Product Update Bulletin 17 -Replacement Sensor and Cable Assembly Upgrade