The 41 Series Manifold Is An Industry Standard For A Reason

From football stadiums to grocery stores, breweries, and everywhere in between, if there is one YELLOW JACKET product that defines the standard within the HVAC industry, it’s the 41 Series Manifold. Since hitting the market in the 1970s, the brass, two-valve device has been the “go-to” for technicians. It’s a staple for anyone in the industry and relied upon by HVAC technicians worldwide.

“We’ve met technicians that have been using the 41 Series Manifold for 20 years or more,” said Michael Lanners, Vice President of Domestic Sales and Marketing for Ritchie Engineering. “A lot of the techs out there now trained with it during school, and have continued to use it ever since.”

Today, according to Lanners, the 41 Series Manifold remains the No. 1-selling manifold in the HVAC and refrigeration world.

“In every corner of the world, the YELLOW JACKET 41 Series manifold is the industry standard,” Lanners said. “In parts of Europe and Asia, they’re using the 41 Series on some of the most advanced refrigerant systems out there.”

While the 41 Series has been around for a long time, YELLOW JACKET has continued to improve upon its original design to ensure that it has the muscle to keep up with today’s more advanced and powerful HVAC systems.

“Anticipating changes in refrigerant systems, we launched the 42004 41 Series 10 years ago,” said Lanners. “Since hitting the market we have sold thousands of 42004 41 Series manifold units, making it the number one selling product in our lineup. Like its older brother, the 42004 comes with a lifetime warranty and costs less than $100.”

“It’s kind of like a Timex watch,” Lanners added, “It’s a workhorse that just keeps on going and going.”

The road ahead looks full of possibility, too. Earlier this year, YELLOW JACKET released the ManTooth, a digital pressure/temperature gauge that connects to smart devices. It provides a wireless connection that offers the first step for HVAC technicians who are moving toward the use of mobile-friendly digital measurements.

“There’s only one reason the 41 Series Manifold continues to sell as well as it does,” Lanners added, “HVAC technicians trust that it will get the job done.”