HVAC Technician Spotlight: Hugh Rowe, Owner, Provillian Services

Technicians in the HVAC industry know that when they’re on the job, customer service and quality work go hand in hand.

For Hugh Rowe, owner of Provillian Services Heating & Air, located in Ellenwood, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta), providing outstanding customer service is a top priority. Just a quick glance at the heartfelt testimonials on the company’s website is proof enough of the exceptional work that Rowe and his team provide to their clients each and every day.

“I’ve been an HVAC tech for eighteen years and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned during that time, it’s that the customer comes first,” said Rowe. “We’re not salesmen here. Our number one priority is to meet our customers’ needs.”

Provillian Services is a full-service residential and commercial heating and air company that specializes in indoor air quality, hybrid heating, heat pump units, high-efficiency furnaces and AC units, as well as all HVAC accessories. Rowe has been the owner, operator, and a technician at the company since 2012.

On and off the job, Rowe and his team of three full-time employees are always looking for new ways to do their job better and more efficiently. He picked up the YELLOW JACKET MANTOOTH earlier this year and hasn’t put it down since.

“The MANTOOTH is one of our most valuable tools,” said Rowe. “It’s the most accurate and efficient way to get a reading.”

The MANTOOTH Single Pressure Wireless Digital P/T gauge, featuring a wireless, Bluetooth connection, allows Rowe and his team to test a customer’s system without losing refrigerant. Plus they don’t have to stand around by the unit to watch the gauge, because it takes an automatic reading.

“We like it because we can store information from job to job and share it between our team members,” Rowe continued, who has been relying on YELLOW JACKET products for over 20 years. “This means that we don’t have to send the same technician to the same job site every time. That helps to increase our flexibility and efficiency.”

Rowe credits the MANTOOTH in helping his team continue to enhance its customer service.

“At the end of the day that’s what really matters,” Rowe says. “We want the customer to be happy with our work. That’s why I go to work everyday, to see the smile on my customer’s face after we’ve finished the job.”

“We’ve had customers thank us again and again for quickly identifying their HVAC problems and fixing them. And we have the MANTOOTH to thank for helping us!” Rowe adds.