New Lightweight Swage/Flare Kit is All About Easy

The Lightweight Swage/Flare Kit from YELLOW JACKET was designed with a simple mission in mind: to make it easy for you to save time on the job.

Combining swage and flare tools isn’t anything new; in fact, the YELLOW JACKET Complete Swage and Flare kit has been on the line for a number of years.

But, what is new is that the latest designs from YELLOW JACKET are more lightweight, compact and portable — saving you valuable time on the job. Plain and simple.

One peek inside the small blow-molded carrying case that houses the kit and you’ll see a powerhouse of tools packed into an easy-to-access tray. Each component is organized in a custom-molded spot, so you can easily find everything you need for the job.

The entire kit weighs in at 4 pounds, which is half the weight of traditional steel designs. The ultra-light yoke features a quick-connect function that will save you time during pin and cone changing. Just secure the copper tubing through the bottom of the bar by tightening the yoke. One secured, turn the flaring cone until the cone engages into the copper tubing to create the flare or swage.

Strong aluminum bars that clamp down on either side are hole flare tested more than 1,000 times before heading out the door. Our rigorous testing process ensures that they’ll stand up to even the toughest jobs – just like we do with all the tools we sell.

With the YELLOW JACKET Lightweight Swage/Flare kit in hand, you won’t need to worry about bringing along multiple pistons for different jobs. The kit comes stocked with six different quick-change positions so that you can flare both soft copper and aluminum tubes. And the one yoke does both the swage and flare.

A built-in slide gauge makes it easy to find the flare size you need without all the guesswork.
The YELLOW JACKET Lightweight Swag/Flare kit comes in two different models for imperial and metric uses. The imperial model is equipped with six pistons for 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4” O.D. tubes; and the Metric model has 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 18 mm O.D. tubes and hex wrench included. Both kits cost between $143 and $179 for the metric unit, and $200 – $230 for the imperial model. Both options are available online now.

Lightweight Swaging Flaring Tool 1 Lightweight Swaging Flaring Tool 2