Video: Look Inside Ritchie Engineering

In 1949, Ritchie Engineering opened its doors as a small and innovative HVAC company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It’s been more than 66 years, and while the YELLOW JACKET brand continues to grow, the roots of the company are deeper than ever.

“YELLOW JACKET was founded on the belief that if you’re going to make something, you make it right, you make it to last, and you make right here in America. That belief still holds strong today,” said Michael Lanners, Vice President of Domestic Sales and Marketing for YELLOW JACKET.

Take one peek inside the YELLOW JACKET factory and you’ll see that the products are different because they are made different — really. Every service tool is hand-assembled with American pride, craftsmanship, heart and soul.

“We created a video to show everyone how YELLOW JACKET tools stand out,” Lanners said. “We wanted to give our customers a peak at the painstaking precision and pride that goes into each and every one of our tools.”

If you’re proud to be YELLOW JACKET user, take a moment to see where your tools come from.