ManTooth Vacuum Gauge, a Tech’s Best Friend


Wireless gauges help technicians work smarter and faster. Period.

The new YELLOW JACKET ManTooth is a full line of wireless, smartphone-controlled gauges that offers quick and accurate temperature readings when maintaining and repairing cooling and refrigeration systems.

The newest addition to the Bluetooth-based line of YELLOW JACKET ManTooth products is the ManTooth-V, a vacuum-only gauge. The new ManTooth-V complements existing pressure/temperature gauges currently on the market.

Featuring an interchangeable/removable vacuum gauge with an easy-to-clean vacuum sensor, the new vacuum-only gauge can be combined with an existing ManTooth P/T device (67001) for added wireless vacuum capability. Combined, the two products create a full system analysis tool.
Like all products in the line, the ManTooth-V also features built-in Schrader ports for easy refrigerant charging and comes with a two-year warranty. It operates with and without hoses attached, making the vacuum process as easy as checking your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device.

In addition to the vacuum-only gauge, the ManTooth family includes a pressure/temperature-only gauge, and a combination pressure/temperature/vacuum gauge. Each device utilizes a free downloadable ManTooth RSA app that calculates and displays a system’s actual readings. The YELLOW JACKET ManTooth line of gauges eliminates the hassle of hauling a bunch of bulky equipment from your truck, too. With the ManTooth in hand, you get quick and accurate readings every time.

All of the gauge options are available in single and dual units depending on the needs of the service tech.

More information about the ManTooth-V is available here.