Video Showcases the New YELLOW JACKET ManTooth PTV Gauge

Paul the YELLOW JACKET HVAC/R guy is back with a new video about the new, next generation ManTooth PTV Gauge.


Based on the growing popularity of its ManTooth line of BlueTooth™ digital gauges, YELLOW JACKET has introduced the next generation in the series, the ManTooth PTV, which measures not only pressure and temperature, but vacuum pressure as well. And now there’s a new video where you can learn all about it, served up by Paul the YELLOW JACKET HVAC/R guy.

If you’re not familiar with the ManTooth yet, you should be. Wireless gauges help technicians work smarter and faster. Period. The new YELLOW JACKET ManTooth is a full line of wireless, smartphone-controlled gauges that offers quick and accurate temperature readings when maintaining and repairing cooling and refrigeration systems.

In the video, Paul demonstrates all of the cool new features that come with the ManTooth PTV gauge (in single and dual units) and the ManTooth 2.0 app, which calculates and displays the system’s actual readings in an easy-to-read format for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Some of the cool new features include:

  • Compatibility with all known refrigerants on the market, including the new GWP alternatives (natural/flammable refrigerants).
  • Wireless monitoring of the entire vacuum process allowing an HVAC/R to perform other service duties.
  • The capture and storage of data from each session for future reference.
  • The creation of a data log for each session.
  • Quick-start feature to save time.
  • Self-healing feature – the device self-corrects if it perceives that it is not operating correctly and restores itself to normal operation.

And that’s just the start. To learn more about ManTooth digital wireless gauges, click here.