Charge Me Up!

New YELLOW JACKET Digital Electronic Charging Scales are Accurate, Compact and Economical!

YELLOW JACKET electronic charging scales by Ritchie Engineering are essential for HVAC/R techs that work regularly with AC and other refrigeration systems. They eliminate refrigerant transfer from tank to cylinder to system. The cylinder with refrigerant is weighed before and after charging, and the charging scales can be used to charge directly into the system or recover from the system.

Digital Electronic Charging Scale

YELLOW JACKET’s top-of-the-line programmable electronic charging scales offer numerous features that allow for automated, fast, and economical charging. Choose from the model 68803 for maximum weight of 110 lbs., or the model 68813 for up to 220 lbs.

Other features include:

  • Ease of use – just program the charging weight into the unit and the valve will automatically close when the charge is complete.
  • LCD resolution of 0.1%.
  • The charging accuracy is equal to scale accuracy (+/- 0.25 oz. for the 68803; +/- 0.5 oz. for the 68813).
  • Mesh filter that protects the solenoid valve from debris.
  • Low flow that triggers an automatic hold to extend solenoid life.
  • Schrader valve that prevents backflow through the solenoid.
  • Solenoid valve with 400 psi maximum operating pressure differential (MOPD), which allows the metering of a broad range of refrigerants.

“Our programmable electronic charging scales offer state-of-the-art features,” says Gary Lampasona, Vice President of Domestic Sales and Marketing for Ritchie Engineering. “They may offer incredible accuracy, but that doesn’t mean they’re too sensitive to be tough. Like all of our tools, we’ve built these charging scales to last a lifetime. They are ready for any situation an HVAC/R tech will encounter.”

YELLOW JACKET also offers non-programmable electronic charging scales, which show the progress of the charge as it’s happening in real time. The Model 68802 offers a capacity for 110 lbs. (50 kg), and the Model 68812, with a capacity of 220 lbs. (100 kg).

For HVAC/R techs looking for an even more economical alternative, YELLOW JACKET offers the new 68862. With a capacity of 220 lbs., the 68862 offers a rugged, low-profile design and solid accuracy (0.5%) in a compact, 10.6 in. x 10.6 in. platform. Service technicians can count on getting precise information while on the job with this sleek lightweight unit.

All YELLOW JACKET digital electronic charging scales feature industrial grade circuitry for long-life performance and a removable control module on a retractable five-inch coiled cord. The units are powered with a 9V battery and have a battery life of approximately 25 hours.

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