YELLOW JACKET has got your new “go-to.”

Your new “all-in-one.”

No need for a heavy, messy toolbox full of wrenches anymore.

That’s because the new YELLOW JACKET Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench (Part #60648) can replace all of your differentiated wrenches with just one tool.

“Our Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench offers unprecedented control and accuracy for our users,” says Karl Johnson, head of engineering at Ritchie Engineering, which manufactures YELLOW JACKET HVAC/R tools. “We set out with the goal of creating one tool to replace all of the differentiated wrenches that an HVAC tech hauls around each and every day. We wanted to create a new ‘go-to tool’ that HVAC techs would reach for every time.”

“And that’s what we’ve achieved with this new wrench,” adds Johnson. “It’s reliable, multi-faceted, and can accomplish many tasks – in just one package.”

Oh yes, and it’s digital friendly, too.

The digital interface on the new 10.6-inch (270 mm) YELLOW JACKET torque wrench gives users the option between nine already preset target torque values and four selectable units of measure (ft. lb., in. lb., N-m, kg-cm.). As the flare nut tightens, red and green indicator lights increase as the desired torque value approaches. The measurements are impressively accurate at +/-2% between 12.5-62.7 ft. lb. The wrench also has a water indicator to detect moisture, as well as peak hold and track mode.

The head size can cinch as small as 0.2 inches, open as wide as 1.18 inches, and offers 62.7 ft. lb. of maximum torque. This adjustability is what sets the YELLOW JACKET Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench apart from the competition.

“Too often, flare nuts are not sized properly for fixed wrenches and can result in a sloppy fit,” adds Johnson, “which leads to damaged flare nuts, damaged knuckles and leaks due to improper torque. Our new adjustable wrench allows techs to fit the head tightly against the flare nut, assuring proper torque and no damage to system or operator.”

Even better, Ritchie Engineering has figured out how to prioritize the simple things. The digital screen and indicator lights are powered by two AAA batteries that are easy to find and are inexpensive. The wrench does not require charging, and saves its battery power by turning itself off after five minutes of idleness. No charging cables means no more hassles. Just replace the batteries when they are low.

But there’s more.

The digital screen on the handle reads out torque value, can store 50 data points, and joint torque auditing, which makes switching jobs or remembering repeated jobs quick.

“Like our other YELLOW JACKET HVAC/R tools, we challenged ourselves to create a cutting-edge product without forgetting what got us there – building an extremely durable tool that lives up to the YELLOW JACKET legend for product quality,” adds Johnson.

To learn more, stop by your nearest YELLOW JACKET wholesaler or distributor. Or, visit to download a spec sheet and other information about the new YELLOW JACKET Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench.