Did you know that YELLOW JACKET has created 15 Tech Tip videos? These short videos, available both through the YELLOW JACKET website as well as on YouTube, address some of the most common maintenance issues related to YELLOW JACKET tools and equipment.

For example, in the YELLOW JACKET Tech Tip: Rebuilding a Series 41 Manifold, the video shows HVAC techs how to rebuild a Series 41 Manifold with a YELLOW JACKET Series 41 Manifold 41080 Rebuild Kit. Rebuilding may be necessary from time to time as the pistons on a Series 41 wear out, or debris and grime builds up inside the manifold. Both can affect the seal or make the valves difficult to turn.

To rebuild a Series 41 Manifold, you’ll need the following items:

● ¾-in. wrench or crescent wrench
● Part #41080 Series 41 rebuild kit
● Part #41118 O-ring lubricant
● Eye and hand protection
● Paslode-brand cordless tool cleaner
● 3M-brand dust remover

Here’s a quick summary about how to rebuild your Series 41 Manifold:

1. Before rebuilding the manifold, make sure there is no pressure or refrigerant still in the manifold.

2. Open both valves completely to release pressure or refrigerant.

3. Take a ¾-in. wrench and loosen both retaining nuts.

4. Remove both handle piston assemblies completely.

5. Look for debris or grime in the manifold. Spray Paslode cordless tool cleaner to loosen dirt and grime. Use 3M Dust Remover to flush out dirt, grime and the cleaning solution.

6. Inspect the bores for any deep scratches or pits – if you find something, you many need to replace the manifold.

7. Hold the handle assembly with your fingers – place the O-ring lubricant on the O-rings. Screw the nut down to keep the pistons in place.

8. Insert the new handle assemblies onto the manifold. Hand tighten at first, then use wrench to tighten further until snug.

9. Tighten the handles down by hand until snug.

That’s it! It’s that easy! And now you’ll have a like brand-new Series 41 Manifold. Check out other Tech Tips from YELLOW JACKET at