Compact But Powerful: Introducing YELLOW JACKET’s New Solenoid Valve Service Magnet, a Multifunctional Wonder Tool for Today’s HVAC/R Techs

When Ritchie Engineering set out to create the YELLOW JACKET Solenoid Valve Service Magnet (Part #61192), our goal was simple: Create the best, most space efficient, easiest-to-use solenoid valve magnet tool on the market. Period.

Listening to the needs of today’s dedicated HVAC/R technicians, we came to understand that they want total control over what happens during a job to increase their efficiency and safety.

Well, the new YELLOW JACKET Solenoid Valve Service Magnet is the quickest and easiest way to manually operate solenoid valves. It works by magnetically lifting the stem assembly and plunger to actuate the valve during service.

Test and Control

For reverse cycle air conditioners and heat pumps, the new Solenoid Valve Service Magnet can test, troubleshoot or manually activate and control a direct connected or pilot operated 2-way solenoid, a 3-way reclaim, or a 4-way reversing valve.

For example, to test whether a solenoid valve is working properly or not, remove the coil from the solenoid valve and apply the new YELLOW JACKET Solenoid Valve Service Magnet. If the valve actuates, an electrical or solenoid coil problem is the issue. If the valve actuates but there is no flow, this indicates a plugged valve. No actuation indicates the problem is in the valve body itself.

Recovery and Evacuation

The new device also can hold a solenoid valve open during recovery and evacuation while the system is accessed. To optimize recovery, simply remove the solenoid coil from all normally closed valves such as refrigerant control valves, hot gas defrost valves, reversing valves, etc. Then apply the new YELLOW JACKET Solenoid Magnet to each valve to speed up recovery and evacuation.

“We want this new tool to make every job for an HVAC tech easier,” says Karl Johnson head of engineering at Ritchie Engineering. “We designed the Solenoid Valve Service Magnet to save time while ensuring that a job is accurately completed. It’s one of those tools you should always have in your truck or in your workbag.”

Featuring a compact design, measuring 0.75 in. (18 mm) at its opening, 1.5 inches in diameter, and 1.6 inches in length, the Solenoid Valve Service Magnet is a space-efficient marvel. It will fit most common manufactured valves, including reversing valves.

But don’t let its compact design fool you. The Solenoid Valve Service Magnet is a powerful, multi-functional tool. Other uses include:

  • Using it in place of the power head on a hot water oil shutoff valve to eliminate the need to wait for the delay to open.
  • Temporarily replacing a faulty coil to open a solenoid valve.
  • Turning the power on or replacing the solenoid if it’s gone bad.

To learn more, stop by your nearest YELLOW JACKET wholesaler or distributor. Or, visit to download a spec sheet and other information about the new YELLOW JACKET Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench.