New YELLOW JACKET TITAN CO2 Manifold Designed for CO2 (R-744) Applications

In an effort to reduce harmful global warming emissions from refrigeration systems, the adoption of “natural refrigerants” is gaining momentum.

CO2 is one of the long-term alternatives however it presents a number of challenges for the technicians. The system operating pressures are substantially higher than traditional HFC and HFOs. Also, the critical temperature of 87.8⁰F makes CO2 unique. Ritchie Engineering has developed service equipment optimized to reflect the higher pressures seen in transcritical systems.

CO2 Manifold

Safety and Accuracy

The YELLOW JACKET TITAN Test and Charging Manifold for CO2 does not have a sight glass between the front valves, which provides safety while in use. The hoses that connect to the manifold are also designed for the pressure of CO2 as a refrigerant, which is usually higher than other refrigerants.

The hose dedicated specifically for CO2 charge and two other black hoses equipped with high-pressure gaskets can handle high operating pressures to 1740 psi.

The gauges are liquid-filled, Class 1, 1% accuracy gauges. Blue to indicate low side, and red to indicate high side. The precision, stainless-steel feed screws on the aluminum body help technicians control the flow of fluids through the system.


“The equipment that deals with CO2 must be soundly leak-resistant,” says Karl Johnson head of engineering at Ritchie Engineering. “If CO2 leaks, it can create buildup and really damage a unit, or a technician’s tools.”

The double-O Ring piston minimizes the chance for leaks during operation. The Manifold has 100 mesh filter in-line flare fittings that help keep out contaminating particulates. The filters help extend the working-life of the manifold, and discourage molecular interaction with CO2.

This manifold has four hoses that can connect to high and low sides, the refrigerant tank the vacuum pump. The design allows a technician to conduct diagnostics, evacuation and charging without switching hoses.

The 3/8” vacuum port allows the technician to use a bigger yellow hose, and in doing so can cut down evacuation time by approximately 33 percent. The fittings for other black hoses on the unit are the standard 1/4”. Both black and yellow hoses are 78” (200 cm) in length.

Highly Sensitive CO2 Leak Detector

In addition to the TITAN Test and Charging Manifold, HVAC/R techs may want to consider The YELLOW JACKET Carbon Dioxide Gas Leak Detector, too. It is the most technologically advanced CO2 gas leak detector of its kind for the HVAC/R industry.

Incorporating a patented infrared sensor, the YELLOW JACKET Carbon Dioxide Gas Leak Detector will make false alarms a thing of the past when finding even the smallest leaks in R-744 systems and CO2 specific applications.

Whether servicing commercial refrigeration systems, finding a leak in a restaurant soda machine, or pinpointing a minute leak in a room filled with CO2 at a bulk CO2 manufacturing facility, this detector stands alone when it comes to ease of use, quality of response, and high sensitivity levels with no false alarms.

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