Two New Videos provide Critical Tips on How to Perform Evacuation and Refrigerant Removal Procedures

Whether you’re new to the profession or you’re a seasoned pro, two new how-to videos from YELLOW JACKET will help you learn how to do two critical HVAC procedures better (or will serve as a good reminder to those who have been performing these procedures for a long time).

Featuring Paul Ryan, YELLOW JACKET’s HVAC&R video trainer, the two new videos provide step-by-step instructions that will be of value to any HVAC&R tech. The two new videos are:

Recovery Quick Guide: How to Effectively Recover Refrigerant, and

Evacuation Quick Guide: Efficiently Preparing Systems for Charging

Because of the sometimes complex series of steps that accompany each procedure, both of these videos are about nine minutes long. But Paul, the HVAC&R Guy, makes watching the procedures easy to view, as he carefully walks HVAC techs through each step.

These two new videos are part of a huge collection of videos provided by YELLOW JACKET to help HVAC&R techs stay ahead of the game.