What’s the word on the street about the latest and greatest from YELLOW JACKET? In this edition of The Buzz, we caught up with Kannon Casey, who maintains the popular “HVAC Shop Talk” Instagram when he’s not busy with his day job—a maintenance and repair tech for A.B. May in Kansas City, Missouri.

THE BUZZ: You’ve been using the YELLOW JACKET P51-860 TITAN Digital Manifold. How is it different or better than what you were using before?

KANNON: Before, I was using a (BRAND X) manifold. The first thing you notice is the difference in quality—the P51 is a lot better. The knobs are way easier to turn because they’re positioned on the sides, not the front. On the temperature readings, I feel like it’s easier to go through all the refrigerants. I’m also really happy with the app.

THE BUZZ: What features of the P51-860 do you find the most helpful?

KANNON: The digital readout is 100% accurate and gives a reading all the way down to fractions, which an analog gauge can’t do. I really like the sight glass and being able to equalize pressures in the system so you’re not wasting refrigerant in the hoses. I like the vacuum port, too. As I mentioned before, the knobs are definitely a good feature.

THE BUZZ: Have you utilized the ManTooth App and the P51’s wireless capability at all?

KANNON: Yes, it’s definitely helpful when I’m working on an older system where there might be some sort of problem. I can grab a screenshot of the readings on my phone and easily send it to other guys for a quick consult.

THE BUZZ: You’re one of the younger generation of techs. Do you see the old-timers switching over to digital, too?

KANNON: Even most of our older guys are using digital gauges now. They like the digital readout because it’s easier to read than an analog dial.

THE BUZZ: Old guys with old eyes—hadn’t thought of that one. All that being said, how would you describe the P51 Series in a nutshell?

KANNON: It’s the YELLOW JACKET quality everyone trusts in a new, digital form.

THE BUZZ: Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thanks for your time, Kannon!