YJACK VIEW App and Firmware Updates Annnouncement

What You Need to Know About YJACK VIEW™ App Updates

The YJACK VIEW™ App (version 3.1) has been published to the App Store (for iOS) and Play Store (for Android). This updated version now includes the Electrical session for the YJACK AMP™ as well as many of the enhanced features in the 3.0 version. NOTE: You must update your YJACK VIEW™ App for it to work with the new YJACK™ products.

If current YJACK VIEW™ users have app automatic updates enabled on their smart device, the app has automatically updated to version 3.1. If they do not have automatic updates enabled, they will see a notification that a newer app version is available. Users are not required to update to the newest app version, but it is strongly encouraged. Not only does version 3.1 of the app add communication capabilities with the YJACK PRESS™, YJACK VAC™ and YJACK AMP™, but it also includes some new features beneficial for all users, even those that do not intend to use the new YJACK™ probes.

Updated YJACK VIEW™ App Features Include:

  • User Profile and Service Report Generation
  • Automatic Target Superheat Calculation for Fixed Orifice Systems
  • Leak Test Session and Evacuation Hold Test within Evacuation Session
  • System Efficiency Session for Overall Heating and Cooling Efficiency
  • Electrical Session
  • Watch for More Helpful App Features to be Announced!

If you want to know which app version is installed on a smart device, navigate to the general setting screen within the YJACK VIEW™ App. The app version is displayed at the top of the settings screen for Android and at the bottom of the settings screen for iOS.

See link below for YJACK™ Product and YJACK VIEW™ product information.


What You Need to Know About Firmware Updates for YJACK PATH™ Range Extender and P51-870 TITAN® Digital Manifold

With the release of three new YJACK™ probes (YJACK PRESS™, YJACK VAC™ and YJACK AMP™), firmware updates are required to communicate with the P51-870 TITAN® Digital Manifold and YJACK PATH™ Range Extender. To align with the YJACK VIEW™ App version required for these new communication capabilities, the P51-870 and YJACK PATH™ firmware versions have also been updated to version 3.0.

The Windows and MacOS firmware updater files are available on the YELLOW JACKET® website. The webpage includes firmware version history and the added capabilities with each version. Links to the firmware updates webpage have also been added to the P51-870 and all YJACK™ product webpages.

If you want to know the firmware version installed on a P51-870 TITAN® Digital Manifold, navigate to the general settings screen (gear icon), where the USB and radio firmware versions are displayed.

We are working on adding a feature to the app that will display the firmware version for the YJACK PATH™ Range Extender, but in the meantime, the communication capabilities can be checked by powering on a YJACK PRESS™, YJACK VAC™ or YJACK AMP™ near the YJACK PATH™. If one of the numbered LED flashes, the YJACK PATH™ is repeating the signal from that new YJACK™ device. If there are no flashing lights, the YJACK PATH™ is not repeating any signals and likely requires a firmware update.

See link below for Firmware Updates and information..