Titan Digital Manifold p51-860
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The YELLOW JACKET® P51 TITAN® Digital Manifold Series provides ultimate system measurements with ease. This 4-valve manifold provides fast and accurate measurements for refrigeration and a/c systems. Measurements are displayed on a monochrome backlit digital display and can be transmitted via Bluetooth® to a Smartphone for even further analysis. Local display of system pressures and temperatures, superheat and subcool provide instant analysis. When connected to your Smartphone, target superheat and subcool are easily attained, along with all the other capabilities of the ManTooth® app.




New features and innovative tools may be added to our firmware. To check to see if you have the most up-to-date firmware update, click on the button below.

  • Features

    Measures high and low side pressures and temperatures

    • Displays vapor and liquid saturation temperatures
    • System superheat and subcooling calculations
    • On board data logging; export to your computer through USB or to your phone via the ManTooth® app
    • Pressure hold mode displays rate of change for both vacuum and positive pressure measurements
    • 4-way TITAN® valve block
    • 126 refrigerant profiles stored in the instrument including new blends not currently on the Refprop database.
    • Backlit display with auto-dimming
    • Auto shut-off
    • Bluetooth capability for use with ManTooth® app
    • Includes temperature clamps
    • Optional vacuum sensor available (included with P51-870 TITAN®)
    • Vacuum measurements, targets and leak testing
    • High and low alarms
    • Re-chargeable battery with battery life indicator
    • Continuous use no back light: 80 hours
    • Continuous use full back light: 5 hours (40860); 4 hours (40870)
    • US and international units (bar, psia, psig, kPa, MPa, kg/cm2)
    • Maximum working pressure 700 psia (48.3 bar)
    • USB charging port
    • IP52 certified
    • Robust housing
    • Two year warranty
  • Documents
  • UPCs
    UPC# Description
    40860 P51-860 TITAN® Digital Manifold DISCONTINUED
    67044 Vacuum Sensor
    10146 Optional Backpack
    67010 Temperature Probe (1/4″ to 1 3/8″ pipe diameter)
    67031 Adjustable Temperature Probe Strap (6″ maximum pipe diameter)
    21990 (3) 60″ RYB (Standard Fittings); (1) 60″ Y (3/8″ str x 3/8″ 45° Quick Coupler)
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