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The YJACK™ Charging & Air Kit 67063 by YELLOW JACKET® provides all the tools for complete system diagnostics. Connect the wireless pressure and temperature probes for instant system charge readings. Place the YJACK DEW™ probes at the supply and return air ducts for psychrometric calculations of the system cooling/heating efficiency. View, log and report all system readings simultaneously with the YJACK VIEW™ app.

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    • Includes (2) YJACK PRESS™ Wireless Pressure Gauges, (2) YJACK™ Wireless Temperature Clamps and (2) YJACK DEW™ Wireless Psychrometers
    • Measure pressure and temperature from the low-side and high-side of the system
    • Determine system cooling/heating efficiency from the supply and return air psychrometric calculations
    • View system readings remotely and log system data with the YJACK VIEW™ app
  • UPC
    67073 YJACK™ Charging & Air Kit